Hi all,


Changing the format here on the CISpy updates. A lot has happened! We’ve been working on features ranging from UX to information logging, and as the end of the summer approaches, we’re getting closer and closer to CISpy’s relaunch.
The application now handles information logging, saving/loading, recalibration (based on a sign which will be posted in front of the Long building), the evaluation of historical evidence, and the brand new concept of an investigator’s notebook. In addition, many bugs have been fixed, and the overall experience polished.

Polished map placement

What’s Next?
Implementing a couple more features, cleaning up the code, bringing in all of the original evidence and models, and then testing. In addition to CISpy, the project will branch into a “lite” version available for non-students to enjoy. We’ll also be talking about CISpy at the grand opening of a new CI Museum on the 21st of this month, courtesy of¬†Christiansburg Institute, Inc.!