Keith and Dillon here – We’re working on refurbishing CISpy, an Augmented Reality iPad Application that teach historical inquiry.
We decided a weekly update on the CISpy Project might be helpful. Feel free to forward to anyone who might benefit from these updates.
What’s done?
  • Keith and Dillon were acquainted and are now working full force on CISpy
  • All the hardware is here (iMac, iPads, paper, sharpies, etc.)
  • A great deal of research is done (regarding Metaio, Unity, MacOS shortcut keys for Dillon)
  • We made an ARKit proof of concept/ease (shown below)

What are we working on?
  • Inching through Gurjots source code and Unity setup with the help of Michael’s notes
  • Building a mental (and paper/pen) model of the program to better understand it
  • Checking error logs to find out why the old CISpy is crashing on iPads.
  • Better understand the system (enough to rebuild it if necessary)
  • Continue investigating current crashes (iOS 7, iOS 11) – decide if it’s worth attempting a fix